Posted Nov 04, 2020 at 08:08 pm

@Javier: That's a great idea! HM. Maybe definitely something to think about annex-wise for the collected comic...

@Bonnie: You are too kind to me. I always look forward to reading your comments!

@Hmmm: Clothes! The esani are an entirely clothing-optional society, garmentry serves a purely social function. It indicates status - historically the poor did without while the affluent could afford to sort of effuse about in these elaborate, flowing vestments that hung around them like technicolor clouds. Once enchantment made them more practical, uniforms were invented and also clothes for comfort (warmth, protection from scuffs, etc).

The head bits I always imagined being some kind of evolutionary throwback to something, and their size and shape is determined by genetic luck of the draw. I never imagined that they would grow back if cut off, though they're probably more fatty deposits and are probably about as painful to damage/sever as a good piercing. I think they mostly finish growing by the equivalent to puberty, like teeth in humans. (An esan infant is much more different from an esan adult than a human child to human adult. Esan incubation is shorter than human gestation.)

And wow! You have WAY more developed voice headcanon for these guys than I do! I remember having some actors picked out, but the only one I remember right now is Edward James Olmos for Nuos. Otakon for Avimo..... works. I don't know how, but it does. With Siai and Aogaur, you actually got my ideas switched around. I always imagined Aogaur with a real raspy voice. But maybe that's Spinelli from Recess talking! And holy cannoli, Chakotay?? Coron to me has a distinct youth to him... so a young Chakotay?

And double holy cannoli, a fan thing? I haven't gotten a fan thing in years! One might email me if they wanted to share and I could dig out my old page where such things used to go.

As for Faithful's faces... that's book 6 material! ;D

Re: burnout, I have... so many complicated thoughts on that. Another rant for another blog, though, because it touches on the comics industry as a whole, which then touches on the whole art hustle thing and... yeah. It's a mess.

@AdamLongWalker: Thank you very much, that is high praise! :)

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