Posted Oct 28, 2020 at 02:20 pm


Covid sucks. Working an essential job during covid sucks. I've pretty much been doing 35-50 hrs/week since August in a workplace that's just a revolving door of aimless students, pandemic neurotics (I can't blame them), and older people who are angry that they've lost their previous job. Coworkers calling in sick because of panic attacks, stress causing them to hurt themselves over little things like poor lifting technique... it's just a giant bag of oof.

I hate not being able to maintain a schedule these days, my brain does not like it one bit and it's hard to get motivated when there's like this... ever-present looming anxiety that I'm going to get called in to cover somebody at the last minute at any time. Also, we started requiring masks last week, and while there hasn't been a huge backlash, there's been some, and dealing with anti-maskers who don't even want to put one on for 10 gd minutes while they buy bread and eggs is exhausting no matter how you slice it.

I hope you all are doing alright out there. Take some time for yourself and your sanity.

So, uh, where was I. Lore? It was lore, right? I totally lost my train of thought from 2 weeks ago. Who has more questions to distract me from work? :D

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