The current story

The First Law takes place on a pelagic world of unknown coordinates, and is inhabited by aliens, ghosts, and robots, suffering from many of the same problems that plague humanity. A young member of a warrior underclass realizes just how fragile his place in society is when he's charged for the very crime his own superiors order him to intervene in. He goes on the run, taking his implicated friends—and an enemy—with him in the search for freedom. But little do any of them know that they are to play a part in a much grander design of the sort that only gods and ancestors could choreograph, and that true freedom may not be what they originally thought.

The comic

It started back in 2006 when I got kicked out of a Spanish class and resigned to come up with my own language instead. In 2007 Michael Bay introduced me to robots. Everything went downhill from there. (Though my taste in robots has gotten marginally better, and I'm still working on my Spanish.)

Updates Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. Mostly "and", depending on what my current work obligations are.

The Author

derp Lo is a polytheist, hand-sewer, gardener, beer-drinker, and fan of anti-humanist theory. They have a cat, a husband, and has given up looking for full-time work because jobs suck but adrenal fatigue sucks more. They currently live in Vancouver most of the time, but do a bit of traveling through Cascadia and further south in their native home of LA. (They use "they" pronouns in writing and "she" in person; though these are preferences, not requirements.) 

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