Posted Nov 03, 2018 at 11:27 am

Hey all, I'm sorry I disappeared like that, and I'm sorry that it's going to be a little while before I come back to this.

For those of you who don't follow me on other stuff or just never saw the news, the medical emergency I talked about back in August turned into a lymphoma diagnosis for my husband (a rare kind only recently pathologized to boot), so that's what we've been dealing with. Unfortunately, the timing couldn't have been worse - I mean, not that there's an ideal time to get fucking cancer, but it all happened right in the middle of me dealing with immigration stuff and importing my car (which was honestly a way bigger PITA than I could have ever anticipated). Thankfully, though, I'm officially a permanent resident of British Columbia now, my Jeep has BC plates, and my husband has 3 rounds of chemo, 3 biopsies/4 surgical procedures behind him with only 3 more rounds to go. The worst is over and done with.

So... yeah. It's been a wild ride. He won't be working until next year either, which puts some major pressure on our finances, but I've got a job now too and that helps. But it's also just one more thing that's taking me away from doing any art. I've still got some commissions to get through, so if you're still waiting for yours, don't worry, I'm gonna get to it! An if you sent me an email about getting one and I never got back to you, PLEASE send it again. It's pretty easy for me to miss stuff these days, though a lot of the deadlines for government shit and paperwork and all that is done and there's less random things swimming around my head.

I wanna thank you all for understanding, and especially to those of you who reached out to us through this fucked up time in our lives. The comic will be back at some point when I have some semblance of a normal life again. <3

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