Posted Jan 28, 2021 at 08:33 pm

So this was the first page I've had to color with a winter glove on, and let me tell you, using a tablet sucks with gloves on lol. Reason being, though, is that I've got a bit of the rheumatism what sets in every winter nowadays, and the pinkie on my drawing hand gets aggervated. Mostly at this point, I'm just trying to keep it in the realm of 'mild nuisance', otherwise I'm gonna have to give up drawing every winter lmao. Hibernation, anyone?

And lastly but not leastly, the contest! There's still time to participate! Basically, pick 3 different pages of original art you might want to have, then share one on social media, write why you want to win it, and tag me. I changed my instagram name since I recently discovered that my twitter handle was available there, so tag me at either place @aquapunked! (And if you're outside of North America, just know that I can't afford to cover shipping to you. Sorry!)

Be safe, everybody!

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