Posted Jan 02, 2021 at 07:25 am

Book 5 officially ends in another 15ish pages! It's taken me months to hammer out these last scenes, there are so many moving parts. But I think I've finally done it. Whew.


Let's get this giveaway started, though! (I know, it was supposed to start yesterday but I was basically a zombie from being kept up all night by my cat. She's angry that we had to put her on a diet, and has been demanding midnight snacks. Blegh.)



- 1 entry per person!

- Share your favorite page to twitter or instagram and a short bit about why you'd like to have the original art for it. Then also tag me (@boneblue.lo on IG and @aquapunked on twitter).

- Have 3 different pages (preferably from different scenes/books) handy in case someone else gets your first pick first. (Or in case it's one I plan on keeping lmao.)

- Contest will end Monday the 11th, my birthday!

- There will be 3 winners!


- I'll pay for shipping for North American winners only. You can still enter if you're someplace else, but you will have to pay for shipping because that shit's expensive. :(

- Book 1 basically doesn't exist, since it was redrawn digitally. I may still have the original originals, but they're ancient and not good lol. Other random pages may also no longer exist due to me moving a lot. Most of the good stuff I still have though!

- Good luck and I love all you guys!

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