Posted Jul 21, 2020 at 09:13 pm

So this sequence has been a lot of fun, but also very frustrating because I was experimenting rather than... being actually experimental. I'm going to finish it and leave it as-is, but I'll be reworking/heavily editing it before printing it. It's kinda fun in that it was almost completely spontaneous, and you guys got to see what my brain does when I try to make it improv a story. It was really hard lol.

Other than that, I finally finished my Highlight: Hound comic, for those of you who like transformers and haven't read it yet!

Also, as an aside, that website is a neat project. I got fed up with wordpress (and especially those redirects some people on twitter were getting when trying to click the link to my site) and decided to hand-code a pure HTML/CSS portfolio site, like the days of yore. It'd been 8 years since I last tinkered with CSS, and apparently a lot of really cool shit has been done to the code since then. Like, flex boxes?? Holy crap I wish these existed years ago! There's other stuff too, like pagination, photoshop-like image filters, all kinds of wacky but super useful code.

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