Posted Jun 15, 2020 at 05:11 pm

Welp, the current events of the past several weeks have honestly started chipping away at my ability to concentrate. The pandemic was one thing, but the deliberate violence, hate, and brutality that have been ravaging the US is just... a leaden blow across the board. There's been protests here in Canada too, which is amazing. But the news cycle is unrelenting and my brain is turning to mush. :[

On the 31st, I also got a sudden and unexpected email from the folks who own William Clark Studios, where I've been working for the past year, claiming that the business was no longer sustainable and all the artists in the building had 30 days to leave. (Here's a local article about it.) This was shitty for a lot of reasons: WCS has been a major art space for the past 3 decades and is going to be the biggest loss of Vancouver art culture in recent memory, the reasons behind the eviction are shady as hell, it was a very affordable space for the size, and having a studio at all has been a sanity-saver for me during the pandemic. It just sucks.

I've been spending the last 2 weeks scrambling to find something else, as I knew most of the 50 evicted artists were also going to be looking for space, so I've been researching, setting up viewings, all that fun stuff as fast as I could. Almost got suckered into a space run by a couple of guys that threw up a bunch of red flags, and that took a few days to untangle. "We don't like to do contracts, that's how you get lawsuits." Excuse me, but why are you worrying about getting sued, exactly? Anyways.

I've signed for a new studio, which is a weight off my shoulders, but it'd going to be another week or two before I can move my stuff in. It's more expensive for less room, which blows, but I have access to a shed of power tools, a kiln, a storefront, gallery space, and workshops now. We'll see how this hermit does with a community, lol.

Oh, and I get my own room now, at least. Doors cost extra!

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