Posted Feb 07, 2020 at 11:48 am

Hey all!

Not much to say other than I'm fukkin stoked that another badass stoner blues album has been dropped in the last 24 hours by Mount Hush. Have a listen below.

I'm also back to using Patreon regularly again for page WIPs, old page redraws/retouches, and as I gear up for crowdfunding a modest number of my Braided Oracle decks (for you divination/tarot enthusiasts out there), I'll be posting about progress with that as I wrap up finalizing card designs, the accompanying art book, and other perks. (And if you're a Patron who plans on pledging, you'll get extra shit!)  As well, of course, other random stuff I get up to. Speaking of, I should share the cover art for the book I wrote...

If you haven't taken a look at my Patreon before, please do consider tossing a few bucks my way if you enjoy the comic. This + the few dollars I get from ad money* are my only sources of USD income. Earning US dollars is really important for me because my loans are in USD, but now that I live in Canada, my income is in CAD and that makes my payments essentially cost 30% more due to the exchange rate. If I can make a combined $150/mo to pay for that nonsense without having to shell out for transfer or wire fees, that would be really amazing and I would be eternally grateful to everyone who helped make that happen. I'm pretty close already, and every greenback helps!

*$50/mo, though if I'm able to post twice a week again like I was able to for a while back in 2017/2018, that might double.

But enough of that. Here's some radass music.

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