Posted Aug 20, 2019 at 02:20 pm

Here's a group that I only just got into recently - I've known about them for a couple years but wasn't that impressed until I saw them live at Psycho Smokeout back in April. The show, btw, was a blast - I think it's probably going to be my last music festival if I have to keep going to them alone though LOL. They're just fucking exhausting when you're by yourself and you really want to wait 7 hours for that set at midnight. But hey, at least I got to see Elder, Monolord, Howling Giant (and meet the guys finally!), Blackwater Holylight, and some other fantastic acts.

These guys are funky, afro-beat inspired stoner rock. They're doing some really special stuff for our little corner of musicdom. Moreover, they're fun! (Stick around for track 7 too.)

In food news: so I work at a grocery co-op that specializes in local, organic, fair trade, etc stuff. Our selection isn't cheap, but I've learned a few tricks to getting the biggest bang for my low carb ethical foodie buck, especially when all our meat comes from a stone's throw away. Apparently you CAN make pastured ground beef go further with the addition of textured soy protein (TSP)! Cook em together and it all gets the same flavor. Insert thumbs up emoji here.

The bad news is that all there is to eat in the winter is squash and cabbage lol. (Though if my"sun" dried tomato experiments work out, then we'll at least have marinara sauce for pizza.)

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