Vol 1 progress
Posted Aug 15, 2021 at 12:01 pm

Idk why I put "volume" on the thing instead of "book", but w/e.

I'm putting together one of these for each book so that readers can see where I'm at progress-wise with whipping the comic into shape for printing. There are a good number of pages that need to be redone entirely. The majority just need to be half-redone. Many still only need tweaks and lettering rewritten by hand for size consistency/legibility.

Grayed out pages need to be >50% changed. Faded color pages need <50% changed. Pages with green checkmarks are 100% done. These images will be updated as progress is made.

Ngl, it's kind of wild to get this kind of bird's-eye view of the whole thing. Makes the comic seem really short but then also arduous? Pale blue dot vibes.


If you're not following me on Buy Me a Coffee, think about it! I'm posting redos there, and page/panel breakdowns as well as I describe my sense of art theory about all of it. Where I'm getting my inspiration from, why I'm making the decisions I'm making, and also critiquing my past work and what mistakes I made and the easiest way I can see to fix them. You might find it interesting! Subscribers can also ask me questions and get some in-depth, illustrated answers.

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