Posted Jun 08, 2021 at 10:00 am

And that's a wrap!


To recap, here's what I'll be doing on my break:

- Redrawing/retouching/recoloring/relettering old pages. Many of them by hand, on new paper. (Because I can tell the difference between real ink and digital ink on my finished art.)

- Making some graphics and other kinds of material for people new to the comic. And material to help old readers remember what's going on!

- Scripting Book 6. (Outlining is already underway, aaa)

- I'm taking an 8-week class with Colegio Chicano with Kurly Tlapoyawa. I actually hope to put together a short comic for the assignment.

- Still humming and hawwing about Hiveworks!

You know where to find me, so let's stay in touch.

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