Posted May 13, 2021 at 05:00 pm

FFFF I forgot how close to the end we were! I think there's... 2 more. Maybe 3, depending on how I lay things out. (Been playing fast and loose with these last few pages, I'll show you what I mean on BMAC here soon.)

So on that note, some things:

- I've talked with a buddy of mine who works for Hiveworks about my goals and my thoughts on leaving, he encouraged me to get in touch and see if Hive can't work with me on making what I want happen. If staying fits with what I'm aiming for, then great! Fingers crossed.

- In the interest of keeping things simple for me, I'll be keeping folks updated in one of two ways during the break: Buy Me a Coffee for those who are interested in subscribing to content, and Twitter for folks who just want to know when the story picks back up again. (I've spruced up my BMAC page and added a couple extra tiers. Take a look!) For complete hermits (I see u) hit me up and I can give you some RSS workarounds for whether I stay with Hive or go static so you don't need to check anything but the feed.

Anyways, that's about it for now. See ya next week!

PS - Another missing footnote! I actually lost the translation for this epithet and... either need to find it again or reverse-engineer it. Oopsie.

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