Posted May 31, 2017 at 11:15 am

So here's my first blog post. 

Apologies to that person who was curious about my thoughts on Transformers, because most of them would be impolite to share out in the open, especially since I have so many talented friends who are working/have worked on the property over the years. 

Suffice to say, however: I can't stand (the run previously known as) MTMTE. I may go into it later, but I'm not adequately riled up enough to talk about it right now. So let's talk about G2 instead. Because G2 was amazing, the art was mind-numbingly badass, and the writing was rock solid. 90's comics weren't ALL that bad, and this is one of the glorious exceptions!

I also have had a lot of Thoughts Concerning The Nature of Modern Cartooning, and they've been percolating for a while, so I'll probably write about that too. (Spoiler: they're not positive thoughts.)

For now, though, I gotta jet!