Posted Jul 09, 2019 at 12:05 pm

I'm settling into my studio finally, and it's GREAT. It's exactly what my brain needs... a space to focus and just get shit done. No dirty dishes 6 feet away from my desk to distract me, no loud TV rumbling through the wall from our neighbor's unit, and no more need to pack my computer away just to make space enough for comic-sized paper on my desk, or risk spilling ink all over the dining table. I'm going to make up for the past 12 months and make SO MUCH ART.

I've been working on touching up book 2 again, because it needs it badly. Looking back, boy did I have no talent with nib pens. My lines were scratchy and sloppy and the thicknesses were all over the place. I did some pretty solid stuff, though, I'm surprised that it's not completely terrible. What it also needs (and the rest of the comic) tho is a change to the Sennan sound FX, plus at the very least a switch to black-blacks and doing away with the vast majority of my color holds. I'm gonna print this sucker when its done, and it had better not wind up a muddy waste of money! Anyways, I'll post those up to patreon as I go in to replace the image files here.

Thanks for reading, all. Hopefully I'll be back to 2x weekly updates again soon.

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