Posted Jun 11, 2019 at 06:31 pm

Some exciting things are on the horizon for me these days, all of them art-related! I'll be moving into a small studio space at the end of the month, which will let me branch out in terms of media. Mostly I'm really itching to take up painting again, among other things that include making messes that aren't really feasible in a small apartment with a cat. It'll make working on comics just that much easier and distraction-free too. I gotta keep chipping away at this, after all, and make sure I finish Highlight: Hound before too much longer!

The rest of my developments will probably only be exciting to those who are interested in the occult/paganism: I'll be kickstarting my oracle deck this year for certain (especially now that I'll have room to store/make backer rewards!), I will (likely) have a piece debuting in Walking the Worlds, a biannual journal for all sorts of topics related to pagan theology and history, which will concern some theories I have about the intersection of polytheist practice and art-making. And this, of course, is only a primer for a book I'll be self-publishing on the subject later this year called Art and Numen. 

After all that I've lost in the past year, one of the hardest lessons I've had to learn (and still struggle with, truthfully) is to always keep looking forward, even if you don't know where you're going. People come and go and things may not always turn out the way you'd hoped, but it's really best to carry on as if there was something worth looking forward to tomorrow. And for me, that means carrying on with the hope that I still know what to do with a blank canvas!


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