Posted Jul 10, 2018 at 02:48 pm
The good news: I'm here! The Jeep made it in one piece and all that broke along the drive up was the goddamn stereo LOL! (The ignition cylinder gave out too, but that was just this past weekend and is probably something I can fix. Thank gods this didn't happen in, say, Dorris, OR lol.) Thanks everyone for once again tolerating a prolonged absence from me while I get my shit together. <3

The bad news: It's probably going to be a couple more months before I get my visa, so no work until then. 

The good news (relating to the aforementioned bad news): In the meantime, I WILL BE BACK TO TWICE WEEKLY UPDATES! And will hopefully get to build a buffer again! Also: if you are a Patreon subscriber, I'll have all the time in the world to doodle things if you ask for them, answer linguistic questions to the best of my ability, and just all around fulfill requests. Wanna know what a water-jet thruster system cut-away looks like? Want me to just fukkin... draw your favorite transformer? Now's the time to ask! If it strikes my fancy, I'll do it!

Right at this moment, though, Patreon is my only income stream. If you can spare a few extra bucks, even for just the next few months while I wait for my visa, I would be eternally grateful, and I will draw things for you.


As it turns out, it looks like I'll likely be accepting a risograph print shop internship at the end of the month to help me keep sharp while I wait this immigration stuff out. Part of that internship will involve free use of the riso at the end to print whatever I want. And because the timing will be exactly right, I think I'll be cooking up at 10th anniversary Aquapunk print to sell and give away. Stay tuned~
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