Posted Jun 07, 2018 at 11:36 pm
Hey all! Wow, I managed to just barely follow my own update schedule for the first time in forever :U

...and just in time to not update again for 2 weeks!

Next week I'm hopping in the Jeep with some crap and driving north, plus family vacation up in the San Juan Islands, so I won't be settled until the weekend of the 23rd I'm afraid. :T Hopefully I'll actually have the time and wherewithal to take these coupla weeks and get some pages penciled, though, and not only have something ready to upload on the 26th, but maybe have a page or two in that magical thing called the buffer, too. I'd better not get ahead of myself, though.

Here's some creepy ambient music for this scene:

ALSO, ETA: I've made a few of those San Gabriels books, but after gifting them, I've only got one to sell at this point. I believe somebody called dibs already, but we'll see. I'll take a couple of photos and add them here later.
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