Posted Apr 05, 2018 at 02:48 pm
OK, hi.

So I've gotten my shit much more together - trying to kick the funk in the ass and so far it's working. I'm filling my time with more art instead of dicking around on the internet, and as my Instagram followers maybe saw, I figured out the rest of book 5.

Part of my funk, I realized, is that I was running into writer's block. Honestly, I never thought I'd last long enough to see the last third of this story, so I didn't give it as much thought as I did the earlier stuff that came a lot easier. Book 5 has, so far, been absolutely grueling work. And it didn't instill me with confidence to feel like I was kind of floundering around, so there was some lowkey panic going on in the background for the past few months... that is, until I sat down the other day, bit the bullet, and hammered out everything. 

I've spent the past week scripting (which I do by hand now also), and judging by how fast the words are appearing on the page, I can tell I'm headed in a promising direction. I'm remembering to trust my gut instead of rely so much on years' worth of premeditation. There's a really important development with Coron and Aluomoc, for instance, that only occurred to me just in the past several weeks. This all is a little exciting, a little scary, but I'm trusting the story again and the pages should be going up near to when the schedule says they do from here on out.

Thanks for being patient with me, everyone! Other life things are still more or less "meh" but I'm in a good position to be tackling this thing again.

Oh, and start thinking about what you/I should do for the 10th anniversary coming up in October. ;)

PS - here's a music I bought recently. This entire album is so ridiculous, but somehow addicting as hell to listen to.

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