Posted Jan 13, 2018 at 08:57 pm
Wow, uh... I guess all I can say is sorry.

Lots of things happened, as per usual. (Really, I can't understate how excited I am to have a life where my time and attention isn't constantly being taken for granted by a zillion people, and where the moving parts are generally fewer. I'll actually have the time and wherewithal to, like... make and keep commitments like this.) Holidays, work crap, some other things I may or may not be talking about at some point.

Oh, and I had three attempts at having a good, relaxed birthday get-together and they've all been ruined somehow. My 2018 has gotten off to a really awful start, I hate to say it - everything from a really expensive parking ticket, to dog diarrhea, to the aforementioned birthdays - so HERE'S TO HOPING IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER. And if it doesn't, I better be able to sue whoever is responsible lol.

Basically, though, what happened was that I just got tired for a few months. I got tired, I needed the time to think about a number of things going on in my life, read some books, and just... not draw. I didn't put pen to paper ONCE between halloween and christmas. Yeah. I guess I needed the break.

Anyways, yes, I know it's saturday. But I don't really care, because this is long overdue, I just finished it, and I'll be getting you your regularly scheduled pages back starting this week. Expect something tuesday, and expect stuff on Patreon too.

I love you all, you're a fun bunch of folks and I'm glad some of you are still here. Hope your 2018 got off to a way better start than mine did. :U
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