Posted Sep 19, 2017 at 05:21 pm

Sorry about that, folks! Dunno what was up last week - I was feeling really physically crummy for some reason. I was working on the jeep all day monday, which left me sore, but the soreness and exhaustion just... never went away. I honestly didn't feel better until sunday. It may have been some of my old adrenal issues telling me I effed up someplace, dunno. I'm feeling back to normal now, though, and aside from the fact that I sawed into the end of my pinky finger with a sharp knife at work (don't tell anybody) yesterday, I'm 100% again.

On a completely unrelated note, my current obsession is making paintbrushes. I haven't made one yet, but I have made other kinds of brushes/scrubbers from jute, and I'm gathering up all the materials to make my first one from my cats' shed hairs. I've got some beautiful oak, alder, and sycamore pieces to make the handles from, and if my first ones turn out well, I know where I can harvest some scraps of hair from an old dried out coyote carcass up in the hills here. How badass would that be? A coyote-hair brush?

I'll be taking pictures as soon as I've started making one~~

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