Posted May 30, 2017 at 06:00 am

Wow, sorry about that folks. Something happened with our ISP, where they thought we didn't pay the bill. Except... that we did. Anyways, it took them like 4 days to restore our service. Bizarrely enough, though, I did have internet access all through our service being "shut off"... except that I could only access larger websites. Twitter, Wordpress, Gmail, search engines; it was really strange and kind of freaky in a post-neutrality internet sort of way? Anyways. Again, apologies!

Another thing: the end of book 4 caught me by surprise! The next page is the LAST PAGE FOR BOOK 4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm kind of excited and absolutely terrified. Ever since the end of book 2, I've kind of been in this weird headspace where every single page makes me go "FUUU" because I never thought I'd ever get that far in the story? Yeah, that's every page. I'm easily impressed, I guess.

Once again, I'll be taking a break between books. I'm not too sure how long this one's going to be; a few weeks for sure. I need to do some housekeeping with the comic, see if I can't get a few page redos done, script some more of book 5, etc. But I mostly might do something completely different: I cooked up a script for an unofficial Spotlight: Hound comic, because I love Hound and I loved the Spotlight series, and I may, well, do that over the next month. If it takes me longer than is reasonable, though, I'll finish it some other time. But the script is there.

If anyone has any worldbuildy-type requests for art/illustrations/diagrams/essays, let's hear em! (Also: would it be of use to anyone for me to start a more formal blog connected to the comic? I might use it to talk about Transformers, or art, or storytelling, or books I'm reading, or worldbuildy stuff, or whatever the hell else. Let me know. I might do it anyway.)

But for now, as of thursday, Aquapunk will be going on hiatus until the tentative date of June 27th!

Thanks for reading everybody, I love you guys. 

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