Posted Feb 21, 2017 at 10:52 am

I've recently decided to quit tumblr (made a post about it over there, for parties who give a damn), and I'm curtailing my use of social media more generally - i.e., I'd like to stop using social media altogether if and when that's possible for me. For now, though, instagram is more or less the only place I check even semi-regularly; tumblr and twitter will mostly be used for autoposting so that folks can still keep up with what I'm doing (but who are, for one reason or another, allergic to RSS feeds). I'm not to be found anywhere else, really. Bandcamp and Goodreads barely count as social media for me; mostly they're places to buy music or catalogue books I've read or plan to read.

So if you follow me elsewhere, heads up! Expect autoposts from here on out.

PS - Sorry about last week; they had me working 40 hours when I'm only supposed to be PT. Blech.

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