Posted Jan 31, 2019 at 10:48 pm

I've had a few folks asking that I post again to let you all know how things are going. (And hey, new reader! Thanks for the kind words!)

So first things first: I WILL be coming back to the comic. I promise. I just need to get back to a point where I'm not the only person working and doing most of the chores and errands and stuff. Which will hopefully be soon, because Shaun's doing really, really well! We go in next week for the final round of tests and imaging to see how treatment went, and we're all hoping that that's that. At the very least, chemo is over for sure.

Secondly: We're still in a not-very-fun place money-wise, so I've opened commissions again to help pay some bills, et cetera. Long story short is that the only short-term disability offered in BC is good for exactly 6 weeks and no more, even if you're going to be sick for 6 months and don't qualify for long-term disability. Effing rad. Anyways, we're not going to be homeless, but I'd rather just borrow less money in the interim. 

Lastly: Last October was the 10-year anniversary of me starting this crazy comic, and I completely forgot about all the things I wanted to do for it, which sucks. With so little traffic coming to the site right now due to being on hiatus, there's no point in doing most of them until I start posting pages again, but the one thing I did absolutely want to do was raffle some original art away. You guys have meant so much to me over the years, your support, your interesting and funny comments, your love of my kooky characters. Some of you have been reading and following me for that long, and some of you even longer than that! The small, loyal fanbase means more than fame or money or anything else I dreamed about when I first started this thing in a 6x8' rented room in the middle of Manhattan during my sophomore year in college.

So I'll be doing a giveaway, and 3 people will have an opportunity to win some art. Barring a few sequences from book 4 that I like a lot, and the majority of book 1 due to most of that being a half-digital clusterfuck, winners will be able to pick whatever page they want to have. Not sure about the rules yet... I'll have to think on the details later.

I will also, after the winners pick their pages, open up the rest of the old pages to be available for sale to help bring some money in too, and to hopefully send them off to some forever homes. I think I can part with those for $40 USD + shipping. ('What!' I can hear you exclaim. 'That's ridiculously cheap!' It is! But I'm not really in this for the money anymore, however a little extra cash goes a long way for us right now. I'd honestly give 'em all away if I could; was actually planning on raffling away 10 pages instead of 3 initially, before the shit hit the fan.)

So that's about it for now. I'm still around - post doodles or commissions and things to instagram/twitter/tumblr sometimes, but not too often. The two things I'm chipping away at right now is my Spotlight: Hound project (which Casey Coller did the cover for!!!!), and my completely unrelated oracle deck, which I may just up and kickstart this year. If you're into tarot and the occult and stuff, it may be up your alley.

Alright folks, until next time!

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